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Enjoy elevating your voice, expressing your message, and living your passion & purpose.

This is for people like you who are...

Looking to increase their visibility and authority through podcasting.

It's never too late! Podcasting can be added to any niche for reaching more of your ideal audience with your message. Podcasting is perfect for:

  • Online coaches
  • Course creators
  • Service providers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Agency Owners
  • Consultants
  • Content creators
  • Influencers
  • Entrepreneurs

This bundle is perfect for you if you want to...

Accelerate your progress:

Whether you’re a new or seasoned podcaster, this kit will save you a lot of time and simplify the process of growing your audience and promoting your show.

Borrow Other People's Audiences:

Elevate your expertise and cultivating a loyal following. Learn how to find guests and how to be a guest on other people's podcasts.

Access our Systems, Strategies & Support:

We'll show you what's working today. Connect and collaborate with other podcasters & expert guests.

Here's what's included:

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Podcasting Promo Mockups

These Canva Templates will help save you time in creating attractive promotions for your episodes to post on your socials. You can also use them to share compelling offers with your audience. (Canva Templates)

Podcasting on Purpose Masterclass & Planning Kit

Podcasting Promo Mockups

A roadmap for launching your own impactful podcast. We cover every step in this masterclass, from conceptualization to audience engagement. Gain actionable insights, real-world examples, and proven strategies to make your podcast a success. (Masterclass + PDF Guides & Workbooks)

Show Notes Map

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Drive traffic to your episodes and provide value to your audience. Podcast show notes are concise summaries or outlines accompanying podcast episodes, providing key points, resources, and additional information for listeners. (PDF Workbook)

Podcast Episode Planner

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Pave the way for podcasting excellence. Transform podcast planning into an efficient, enjoyable, and results-driven process. (PDF Workbook)

Podcast Media Kit Template

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Want to attract sponsors? A media kit is a set of promotional materials that tells the story of your podcast and documents meaningful stats and other information needed by potential sponsors. Fully customizable wtih your own colors & branding. (Canva Templates)

Podcast Promotional Flyer Templates

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Want your podcast to POP!

Use these for print or digital promotions. Perfect for your podcast, summit or event. Professionally Designed. Save time! (Canva Templates)

Elevator Pitches for Podasters

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Never miss an opportunity to introduce yourself with impact! Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, an elevator pitch is a powerful tool that can help you get the word out about your podcast while networking, at tradeshows and other events.

After running several communities and planning & promoting over 500 events of all sizes, I've seen thousands of elevator pitches. I've seen what works, and what doesn't work. See my recommended format for attracting and connecting with your ideal audience for building your brand and monetizing your message. (Masterclass & PDF Workbook)

Storytelling for Podasters

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Infuse memorable stories into your podcast, interviews, talks, books and elevator pitches for more impact. Use this guided journal to work through stories from your life or business. (PDF Workboook)

Grow Your Audience as a Guest

Podcasting Promo Mockups

A massive set of resources! Learn How to Get Booked for Interviews on Podcasts & Speaking Gigs for More Visibility, Leads and Sales. Includes a 100 Page Textbook with Pitch Templates, Follow-up Emails, and much more! (PDF Workbooks)

Speaker One-Sheet Templates Pack 1

Podcasting Promo Mockups

A One Sheet is a single page document that summarizes you or your podcast, including your brief bio, description, where you’ve spoken, your audience and other highlights. Land more interview and speaking gigs with a polished one-sheet. (Canva Templates)

Speaker One-Sheet Templates Pack 2

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Get more free and paid speaking gigs on podcasts, summits, and other virtual and live in-person stages. Fully customizable with your own colors & branding. (Canva Templates)

Mini Membership Masterclass

The New System to Launch an Online Business

A membership is one of the easiest ways to monetize your podcast. Learn about creating an engaged and thriving signature community that generates monthly recurring revenue. For example, when I first launched my Women in Podcasting Network, I got 100 members in the first 10 days. Now I have hundreds and it continues to grow. So, I created this training and a kit of resources to show you what has worked for me. (PDF

  • Membership Idea Workbook
  • Membership Engagment Post Ideas
  • Mini Membership Guide & Workbook
  • Membership Naming Cheat Sheet

Group Growth Masterclass

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Build a community around your message and drive traffic to your podcast using Groups. You'll also get a treasure chest of templates:

  • Group Growth Hacks- PDF Download
  • 100 Name Ideas for Your Group - PDF Download
  • 100 Daily Engagement Thread Post Ideas - PDF Download
  • Group Banners - Canva Templates
  • Daily Engagement Thread Posts - Canva Templates
  • 30 Group Post Templates - Canva Mockup Templates
  • Group Engagement Posts & Prompts - Canva Templates

Influence Formula Masterclass

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Jennifer Henczel shows you the strategies she used to turn her side gig into her full-time income. Jennifer shares her Formula for more Flow, Focus, and Freedom. You will see her framework for building more impact, influence & income. (Video + PDF Workbooks)

  • Influence Formula Masterclass
  • Influence Formula Flow Workbook
  • Influence Formula Focus Workbook
  • Influence Formula Purpose Workbook

Business Card Templates for Podcasters & Speakers

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Promote your podcast or expertise. Use these digitally in your reels and stories OR print them for #IRL events. Be more memorable! (Canva Templates)

Know Your Audience: 50 Avatar Questions Workbook

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Use this workbook to identify your ideal audience avatar. Identifying your ideal audience is the essential first step to attracting your ideal audience. (PDF Workbook)

Email Swipe Copy for Podcasters

Podcasting Promo Mockups

Attract your dream guests to be interviews on your podcast. Use This kit contains email templates for everything from inviting guests to following up for more impact. It's a whole guest interview infrastructure. (PDF Documents)

200+ Social Media Templates for Podcasters

The New System to Launch an Online Business

Encourage engagement and stay in touch with your audience between episodes. 100% customizable with your own branding, logo, and style. (Canva Templates)

AND MORE! We add more resources every month.

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These bonuses are available for the first 500 Annual members:


The New System to Launch an Online Business

Power Words for Podcasters

An exercise & challenge to help you choose the words and language that will form the core of your message, content, promotions, and community culture. (PDF Workbook)


The New System to Launch an Online Business

1 Year of Podcasting Club

Become a member of our community. Meet other podcasters & expert guests. Find guests & speaking opportunities. Share tips and strategies. Connect, collaborate & celebrate!


The New System to Launch an Online Business

1 Year of Women in Podcasting Network

If you are a women or non-binary podcaster, you can also have this perk. We are one of the largest women's podcasting collectives.


The New System to Launch an Online Business

100+ Canva Mockups

Lead magnet mockups, offer mockups, oh my! We're always adding more tools & templates to help you save time with elevating your voice, expanding your reach and fulfilling your vision and purpose. (Canva Templates)


The New System to Launch an Online Business

Canva Basics

If you're new to podcasting, you will soon find that Canva is your friend. Canva streamlines podcasters' branding efforts by providing a user-friendly platform to create everything from eye-catching cover art, promotional graphics, video thumbnails, engaging social media visuals, and more! We cover all the basics in this guide. (PDF)

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No, due to the digital nature of our templates & trainings, we do not offer refunds.

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The membership is year by year. There is a limit on the one-time payment for the Club part of the membership, but you will have access to the course modules for life. However, you will not get the updates. You will only get what is offered in the package upon purchasing it.

Are Templates included?

Yes! We have some Canva templates for you to customize with your own branding and style to use for the promotion of your podcast and to promote yourself as a speaker.

Some of the documents in the course are in PDF format for your learning.

But, for the templates you can customize, you can use a free Canva account to modify the images and documents.

You cannot sell or redistribute the templates themselves.

Are any of the items PLR products?

No, not in this membership. You cannot sell or redistribute the Canva templates or the PDF documents.

However, we have other memberships that include Canva templates that you can customize and use with your own members and clients.

Feel free to ask me about those, if you're interested.

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No much, except the price. The lower price if for those who are willing to subscribe to our annual recurring payment. But, with that said you can cancel your membership before your year is up, if you choose.

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